He was amazing and very knowledgable. I was very please with the result of my case and he was always available when I need questions answered. I recommend this lawyer to anyone who wants the job done right the first time.

- Eugene

Kevin is extremely well versed in this area. He explained over and over again exactly what drug court was and what was to be expected. He explained how it was an option that is not given to everyone. He was always there, he answers his phone and will call back in a timely manner. I would hire him again for any and all legal matters.

- Paula

I have hired Mr Raudt twice already with positive outcomes. (we won) He is experienced, aggressive, compassionate when he should be, loyal, and witty! He always gave me the truth, like it or not, and all possible choices in the matters, but then advised me which way to go. He notified me immediately of updates and I felt he always had my back. He is well connected in the legal world and I got to see firsthand the respect he got from his colleagues. I would and have recommended him to many people already. I can even call him anytime with any question and he responds immediately. Lastly, he is an animal friend, which defines his character to me! This is from the heart and my words only! Thank You!

- Lori

I called an acquaintance, who is also an attorney, for a recommendation. Without hesitation he recommended Kevin Raudt. I can now highly recommend Kevin myself. I can honestly say that it is difficult to find professionals in any field who have such a high level of ethics and expertise. Kevin did an amazing job navigating and advocating for me through what could have been a divorce that left me with nothing. He took the time to thoroughly understand my situation. He explained my options and helped me select the right course of action. Besides being compassionate and understanding, he was very efficient; his fee was reasonable and I am so glad I found Kevin!

- Donna

Kevin raudt is a great attorney very professional and knowledgeable. He won my child support case. I will use him again if I have to. And it’s worth every penny!

- Olga

I started looking for a lawyer when I was fighting my kids father for family and a criminal case.I meet with Kevin and explained that I need a lawyer to help me because I was on probation and had pick up a new charge because my kids father was trying to put me in jail. Kevin was very helpful. He gave me great advice and told me the best way to handle the situation. I hired Kevin and we went to court to fight my case. Kevin was always there when I pick up the phone and need to speak to him. He was always there when I need to come to his office and having a meeting with him.When I tell you Kevin was very professional and knowable in court and we end up winning my Vop case. Kevin is a great attorney and I would recommend him to any one that needs legal help. For me being a single mom who need help in family and criminal case he is absolutely the best lawyer I could of ask for.

- Natasha

So glad to have found such an amazing family man lawyer. Kevin will not nickel and dime you like most lawyers here in Jax. He actually cares about your case and life and is there for you at anytime via text phone, which is very rare nowadays. His vast experience has helped me in many ways and truly cares about family children and those W special needs. Welcome to Jacksonville, Kevin!

- Melissa

Mr Raudt successfully advised me to place a restraining order on my crazy ex girlfriend . His rates were competitive most important he was a good listener

- Tony

I talked to mr.kevin about my community control violation and instantly he told me he will get it resolved and help me with drug rehab program I recommend him to everyone and I am hiring him thanks kevin.

- Nurfet

Mr Raudt was hired by me a number of years ago. He was patient in explaining what I could expect and took the time to answer all questions no matter how trivial. He was always responsive and resolved the case in an expedient and efficient manner. His fees were VERY fair and without any unexpected surprises. What was truly impressive is I recently contacted him regarding another matter and he remembered me, and details of my case. which was over 10 years ago.

- Pam

I hired Mr. Raudt for a DUI case and came away with a greatly reduced penalty. Mr. Raudt was kind, understanding, and professional throughout my case. He provided a very reasonable rate and never deviated from his price along the way. In a case with many unknowns, Mr. Raudt kept me informed and went out of his way to present me with all of the details and options of my case. He was available throughout the day for my questions and concerns and always responded in a timely manner when unable to be reached. I would absolutely recommend Mr. Raudt for anyone needs an attorney.

- Richard

I had hired Mr. Raudt to defend my Stand Your Ground case. After several years of continuances that my prior attorney had put me through, Mr. Raudt had my case before the Judge within the year. We had gone to trial and won my case. Mr. Raudt was very professional and did an excellent job and I could not ask for anyone better. Not only is he an excellent attorney and knows what he is doing, he is also a very nice man personally. My wife met Mr. Raudt when he came to Fort Lauderdale and rented space in the same office space as hers. She is the one who finally convinced me to hire Mr. Raudt as my attorney. My wife has that much faith in Mr. Raudt to hire him as my attorney for my case and as our attorney for whenever we may need him. I highly recommend Kevin Raudt, Esq., as an attorney when you are looking to hire one.

- James

I’ve been overall satisfied with my lawyer, He answers every call I make to him and he answers all my questions right there on the spot, he doesn’t give me the run around and he tells me straight up front how things are going to work So I know what to expect out of my case, Most lawyers just tell you what you want to hear!! He also helped me with a payment plan Which is awesome cause I wasn’t able to afford all the money up front, He understands my needs and is helping me in every way possible to get it done!!

- Tina

Kevin put all of the family at ease on the first phone call. He is always 100% for you and takes charge immediately. It was very fortunate that we found Kevin for my son’s case. I would highly recommend he stand by your side.

- Tracy

Kevin has been our family lawyer for several years. I have had the privilege of having Kevin as an attorney in my son Case. Kevin is trustworthy, honest and very straightforward. Truly one of a kind.

- Maritza

This is my second time hiring Kevin for child custody related issues. He was able to fight for majority time share for my son in fact his father can only have supervised visits every other weekend. Got more than I wanted from that case. We’re now trying to get majority time share for my husband’s daughter and I believe Kevin has it under control. He is a busy man but does return your calls and fill you in with everything you need to know. I will recommend to him to others!

- Mariah

Mr. Raudt is very professional and heavily experienced. He responds quickly and calms your concerns. I will never hire anyone else. He is confident, and very kind to his clients. I couldn’t say enough good things about this man.

- Audrea

Attorney Kevin Raudt has been a very knowledgeable, available, hard working attorney who provides results! He’s had me on multiple cases that have been to my satisfaction. I strongly recommend hiring him from Criminal to Family he’s the best !

- Ken

has much experience and many connections as well!! knows personally many of the judges within south florida, especially in broward county!!!! known kevin for over ten years and look to him as family for he will defend you and only wants the best

- James

Hiring Kevin Raudt has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. He has:
>returned every text, email, and call promptly
>gone above and beyond in fielding nonsense from my ex and handling the ridiculous motions the party has filed
>managed well the extremely the complex factors in the case
>treated me with respect and compassion even when I was most frazzled
I don’t hesitate to reach out to him when I need to, and I can trust him to manage my case without me feeling like I need to jump in and push. His level of experience and professionalism are hard to find in this world, and I will always be grateful to the friends who recommended him to me.

- Eve

We asked Mr. Raudt to do some work for us outside his specialties. We consulted with him about reviewing a business contract for us. He was fast with his response and pointed out something that we had not thought about, that could have potentially cost us down the road. We are thankful for his attention to the details and quick response. We felt he really cared.

- Erik-Donna

I hired Kevin (who was recommended to me by a colleague) to settle a property claim in a divorce. I had contacted two other lawyers who told me that it was doubtful that I would be entitled to anything. Kevin was aggressive and well -versed in the law and ran circles around the opposing lawyer. I can recommend Kevin without reservation.

- Donna

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